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A New Type of Antibody –

For a long time 5 antibody types have been known in mammals, IgG, IgM, IgA, IgE, and IgD, with IgG being the work horse in biotechnology. So it drew our attention that a group at Duke University has described a new type of anti-glycan antibody that binds to a patch of...

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Monoclonal for Alzheimer’s

On Monday FDA approved Biogen’s aducanumab, brand name Aduhelm, through a program called accelerated approval. Aduhelm is the first new medication for Alzheimer’s disease in nearly two decades. FDA’s decision was welcomed by patients and their families as a...

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RNA therapeutics

To those developing treatments for oncology, in the gene therapy space and many other fields it seemed for a long time that RNA-based therapies have many attractive properties but somehow just too many obstacles to overcome. Enter recent break-throughs in vaccine...

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Molecule(s) of the year

Inspired by Time's Man of the Year the AAAS journal Science used to give out an annual Molecule of the Year award. The award was renamed Breakthrough of the Year in 1996. Last December AAAS announced that for 2020 Breakthrough of the Year was “vaccines against...

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San Diego #5 US Biopharma Cluster in 2020

A list of the ten top ranking biopharmaceutical clusters in the US was recently compiled by Genetic Engineering News. The list is based on available 2020 data for NIH funding, venture capital funding, patents, lab space and jobs. San Diego made #5 of the list. Yay!...

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Honoring our friend and mentor, Ralph Reisfeld

Our dear friend and mentor, Ralph, passed in December after a long and fruitful life in science. Ralph leaves an important legacy as a pioneer in cancer immunotherapy and as a valued mentor, colleague and friend to many. We will miss him very much and want to share an...

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