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Respiratory syncytial virus (RSV), human metapneumovirus (HMPV), and human parainfluenza virus types one (HPIV1) and three (HPIV3) can cause severe disease and death in immunocompromised patients, the elderly, and those with underlying lung disease. A protective monoclonal antibody exists for RSV, but clinical use is limited to high-risk infant populations. Hence, therapeutic options for these viruses in vulnerable patient populations are currently limited. In a recent report in Nature Communications, Cabán and colleagues describe the discovery, in vitro characterization, and in vivo efficacy testing of two cross-neutralizing monoclonal antibodies, one targeting both HPIV3 and HPIV1 and the other targeting both RSV and HMPV. They obtained structures using cryo-electron microscopy of these antibodies in complex with their antigens, providing a structural basis for in vitro binding and neutralization. A cocktail of the antibodies provides broad protection against HMPV, RSV, HPIV3, and HPIV1 in animal challenge models. Going forward, a cocktail of these antibodies may have clinical utility in providing broad protection against four of the respiratory viruses that cause significant morbidity and mortality in at-risk individuals.